During this exceptional adventure, Lionel Rivoire will go through the towns on the map. He will show you several iconic and symbolic sites regarding the history of Normandy’s birth. You will be able to discover places, buildings and museums that house the history of Rollo or William the Conqueror.

On the 28th April 2018, step into history on this website! To keep you waiting, here are some details about the journey.

Once the adventure has started, do not hesitate to click on the red words to access articles about the towns!

  • The expedition will begin in Norway at Ålesund, Rollo's supposed birthplace. To the south of the port are the ruins of the castle that belonged to his family.

  • After going along the west coast of Norway, Lionel (our modern Rollo) will reach Bergen, the capital of the county of Hordaland which is twinned with Normandy.

  • The importance of ships for the Vikings is also visible in Oslo at the Viking Ship Museum, which keeps the most beautiful examples of that period.

  • The Vikings did not come from only one country, so after Norway, our team will cross Sweden. There, at Trelleborg, in the south of the country, stands a fortress rebuilt on the remains of an imposing building which was probably built around 980. The Trelleborg fortress was probably erected by King Harald Bluetooth, first king that united the Danes under the banner of Christianity. Moreover, he would have built similar fortresses across Scandinavia.

  • The National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, the largest in the country, relates his story as well as the one of the Viking raids that has deeply marked the history of Europe.

  • Some of famous Danish boats used for raids are kept at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.

  • Still in Denmark, we will stop for a moment in Trelleborg.

  • The journey continues to the west coast, with a stop at Jelling to admire the rune stones.

  • The journey continues to the west coast, with a stop at Jelling to admire the rune stones.

  • Between Denmark and Germany is another interesting site. Hedeby, or Haithabu, located in Jutland, the northernmost part of Germany, an ideal location for a commercial port.

  • After crossing Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany, our modern day Rollo will arrive in France at Eu.

  • Even though Rollo died in Eu le Tréport, his body was buried in Rouen, centre of its chief town conceded by Charles the Simple in 911.

  • We find those links between Normandy and Britain in Bayeux.

  • This story will be told at Ornavik, the last leg of the journey, about the birth of Normandy between 911 and 1066, from Rollo, the Viking, and the Count of Rouen to William the Conqueror. The journey has been planned with this history in mind, as a kind of homecoming for the Normans.

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